Original Music Scoring for TV Commercial:

  • Total Defence (Hands)
  • TOP Detergent (Parallel Life)
  • Pediasure (Hi 5’s All Around)
  • Yakult (Ace Lite)
  • TOP Detergent (Working Girls)
  • Systema (Domino)
  • SPH (25th Anniversary)
  • KFC
  • Subway (Fresh Fit)
  • MCYS (Family)


Original Music Scoring for Film:

  • 非常婚事 (A Fantastic Ghost Wedding) (Full feature film)

          A Fantastic Ghost Wedding

  • 鬼仔 (Ghost Child) (Full feature film) 


  • 灵听 (Ghost On Air) (Full feature film) 
  • Dead Mine (Full feature film) (For the track, “Yamatodamashii”)
          Dead Mine
  • Meta Secret (DVD release)(Collaborative work) 
          Meta Secret


Original Music Scoring for Game / App:

  • Calculus Math App (Android)


Original Music Scoring for TV programme:

  • Hyper Rescue Tokyo (National Geographic Channel documentary)
  • Psychic Vietnam (BBC documentary)
  • Geng Anam (Animation)
  • Police & Thief (Sitcom)(Collaborative work)
  • Moulmein High (Drama)


Original Music Scoring for Website:

  • Nikko Asset Management China Fund


Original Music Scoring for Corporate video:

  • HDB
  • Temasek Foundation
  • Digipost


Original Music Scoring for Signature Logo:

  • neu Media Technology


Original Music Scoring for Live Event:

  • Grand Cathay Cineplex (Opening Music)


Original Music Scoring for Trailer:

  • 非常婚事 (A Fantastic Ghost Wedding) (Full feature film)
  • 鬼仔 (Ghost Child) (Full feature film)
  • 灵听 (Ghost On Air) (Full feature film)
  • Meta Secret


Music Arrangement:

  • ‘彩虹金剛 (Rainbow Bot)’ by Stefanie Sun (Pop)(Collaboration with Kenn C)
  • ‘重裝上陣 (This is Our Youth)’ by BBF (Pop)
  • ‘爱情乐园 (Love Paradise)’ by 李琦 (Li Qi) (Pop)
  • ‘王者之路 (Go for Our Glory)’ by BBF (Pop)
  • ‘独家献映 (An Exclusive Show)’ by BBF (Pop)
  • ‘Live Life’ (Pop/Dance)
  • ‘是你让我心动 (You Moved My Heart)’ (For full feature film, A Fantastic Ghost Wedding)
  • ‘朝朝暮暮 (Every Day Every Night)’ (For full feature film, A Fantastic Ghost Wedding)
  • ‘Music Box’ (For full feature film, Ghost Child)
  • ‘因为我们还年轻 (Because We Are Still Young)’ (For full feature film, A Fantastic Ghost Wedding)
  • ‘Here You Go With Love’ (For full feature film, Ghost Child)
  • ‘Japanese Spirit (Yamatodamashii)’ (For full feature film, Dead Mine)
  • ‘Ah Beng Yo Ah Yo’ (For full feature film, Ghost Child)
  • ‘Why Do We Come To School’ (For full feature film, Ghost Child)
  • ‘Geng Anam’ (For TV animation, Geng Anam)
  • ‘Angeline’ (For TV drama, Tong Yi Wu Yan Xia)
  • ‘Police And Thief’ (For TV drama, Police And Thief) (Collaboration with Redwan Ali)
  • ‘Moulmein High’ (For TV drama, Moulmein High)
  • ‘You Are Trash’ (Pop)


Original Song Publication:

  • ‘彩虹金剛 (Rainbow Bot)’ (music)(Stefanie Sun’s 2016 EP, ‘彩虹金剛 (Rainbow Bot)’)
  • ‘爱情乐园 (Love Paradise)’ (music)(李琦 (Li Qi)’s 2016 Album, ‘笑 (Laugh)’)
  • ‘重裝上陣 (This is Our Youth)’ (music)(BBF’s 2016 EP, ‘重裝上陣 (This is Our Youth)’)
  • ‘是你让我心动 (You Moved My Heart)’ (music)(Cinema)
  • ‘朝朝暮暮 (Every Day Every Night)’ (music)(Cinema)
  • ‘因为我们还年轻 (Because We Are Still Young)’ (music & lyrics)(Cinema)
  • ‘Here You Go With Love’ (music)(Cinema)
  • ‘Japanese Spirit (Yamatodamashii)’ (music)(Cinema)
  • ‘Ah Beng Yo Ah Yo’ (music & lyrics)(Cinema)
  • ‘Why Do We Come To School’ (music & lyrics)(Cinema)
  • ‘Geng Anam’ (music & English lyrics)(TV)
  • ‘Angeline’ (music & lyrics)(TV)
  • ‘Police And Thief’ (music (collaboration) & lyrics)(TV)
  • ‘Moulmein High’ (music & lyrics)(TV)
  • ‘You Are Trash’ (music & lyrics)(radio station songwriting competition winner)
  • ‘After School’ (lyrics)(film)
  • ‘Be True Again’ (lyrics)(TV)
  • ‘Bitter Love’ (lyrics)(TV)
  • ‘Destiny’ (lyrics)(TV)
  • ‘I Believe’ (lyrics)(TV)
  • ‘I just wanna make you mine’ (lyrics)(TV)
  • ‘I love you just the way you are’ (lyrics)(TV)
  • ‘Is this love’ (lyrics)(TV)
  • ‘Is You’ (lyrics)(TV)
  • ‘Let Me Be There’ (lyrics)(TV)
  • ‘Lonely Love’ (lyrics)(TV)
  • ‘Rhythm Of Love’ (lyrics)(TV)
  • ‘Say You Love Me Tonight’ (lyrics)(TV)
  • ‘Sing Upon A Star’ – (lyrics (collaboration))(TV)
  • ‘Something Magical’ (lyrics)(TV)
  • ‘That’s what friends are for (Treetops version)’ (lyrics)(corporate)
  • ‘Be True Again’ (lyrics)(TV)
  • ‘Voices From Treetops’ (lyrics)(corporate)
  • ‘We Are Here To Stay’ (lyrics)(TV)
  • ‘What Will I Do Without You’ (lyrics)(TV)
  • ‘When I say I love you’ (lyrics)(TV)
  • ‘Where Do I Begin Again’ (lyrics)(TV)
  • ‘Would You Be There’ (lyrics)(TV)
  • ‘You Are Everywhere’ (lyrics)(TV)
  • ‘You Make Me Feel Brand New’ (lyrics)(TV)


Original Music Publication:

  • ‘Imagination Runs Riot’ (CD release)


  • ‘Dying In Honour’ (CD release)
  • ‘Show Off Shooter’ (CD release)


  • ‘When Lambs Go Silent’ (CD release)
  • ‘Trespassing The Unknown’ (CD release)


  • ‘Clever Grandaunt’ (CD release)


  • ‘Close Hauled’ (CD release)


  • ‘Dip N Drink’ (CD release)


  • ‘Tough Decision’ (CD release)


  • ‘You are in Danger’ (CD release)


  • ‘Unsettling Investigation’ (CD release)
  • ‘Innocent and Fragile’ (CD release)


  • ‘The Revengers’ (CD release)


  • ‘Financial Crisis’ (CD release)


  • ‘Devil’s Thrill’ (CD release)
  • ‘Lazy Bump’ (CD release)


  • ‘Fantastic Cinematic Explorations’ (online)
  • ‘Cinematic Question Marks’ (online)
  • ‘Floral Females’ (online)
  • ‘Poirot Says No!’ (online)
  • ‘Quirky Cinematic Mysteries’ (online)
  • ‘Picking Up Chicks In 1974’ (online)
  • ‘Seek And Ye Shall Find’ (online)
  • ‘Positive Affirmations’ (online)
  • ‘Federer’s Porsche’ (online)
  • ‘Copland And The Big Picture’ (online)
  • ‘Chinese Dream’ (online)
  • ‘Ominous Exposition’ (online)
  • ‘The Cartoon Cinema’ (online)
  • ‘Creepy’ (online)
  • ‘Service And Sacrifice’ (online)
  • ‘Asian Travelogue’ (online)
  • ‘I Love You Man’ (online)
  • ‘Simmering Tensions’ (online)
  • ‘The Right Boots’ (online)
  • ‘Gothic Victim’ (online)
  • ‘Red Wire Blue Wire News Wire’ (online)
  • ‘Inspiration And Promise’ (online)
  • ‘Melodrama’ (online)
  • ‘Aquatic Motion’ (online)
  • ‘Escape From The Laboratory’ (online)
  • ‘Good Manners’ (online)
  • ‘Feeling Fresh’ (online)
  • ‘Cyberspace’ (online)
  • ‘Nano Technology’ (online)
  • ‘Breaking Barriers’ (online)
  • ‘Data Control’ (online)
  • ‘Social Media’ (online)
  • ‘Solar Tower’ (online)
  • ‘Virtual Community’ (online)
  • ‘Wireless Wonders’ (online)
  • ‘Immersive Design’ (online)
  • ‘Soul In The Machine’ (online)
  • ‘Beautiful Simplicity’ (online)
  • ‘Celebration of Life’ (radio)
  • ‘Innocent Child’ (radio)
  • ‘Movement of Life’ (radio)
  • ‘Twist’ (online)
  • ‘When All is Calm’ (online)
  • ‘When Death Comes’ (radio)


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