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SOUND DESIGNERS was founded by multi-award winning Composer & chart-topping Songwriter, Ken Chong in Oct 2010, to provide affordable Original Music Scoring for various applications including TVCs & Films. In an effort to make scoring ridiculously affordable to clients, SOUND DESIGNERS offers no frills services where money is invested only where it should be…on composing tools, rather than on fancy studios & Starbucks coffee. Also, by embracing the latest cutting edge software technology to replace the need for recording musicians live, cost is thus reduced while ease of last minute client requested changes to music compositions is enhanced. In these ways, SOUND DESIGNERS offers producers & directors who were previously used to using library music for their film productions, the option to now consider scoring made affordable & easy by SOUND DESIGNERS instead. Think of us as the Audio Post Production version of the Japanese QB House $12 hair cut chain, or even budget airline. Yes, you do get your great sounding scores done with us at the end of the day, just as you would get that great hair cut done and arrive at your holiday destination in one piece which is all that matters really, but minus off those unnecessary costly frills & thus exorbitant price tags too!


SOUND DESIGNERS is a partner of Muse Pte Ltd with full audio post facilities. Together, SOUND DESIGNERS is able to provide full audio post production (& even video production & post production) if clients want to go beyond just scoring with us. Our Sound Engineer, Kazuo Sato, from Muse Pte Ltd, has more than 14 years experience, and he has done numerous TV Commercials, TV Programmes, Feature Films etc. For full video production, our award winning team will see through your entire production process from concept to audio-visual post-production.

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