What some of our clients said to us during the course of our work with them, plus media reviews

“Ken, you did an outstanding job!”, “I find it very catchy! Heard it 10 mins ago and it’s still in my head…”
– Eric Khoo, Executive Producer for “Ghost Child” movie (Zhao Wei Films)

“I will submit your music for Golden Horse Awards this year and Hong Kong Film Awards next year because I think it stands a good chance.”
– Flora Goh, Producer for “A Fantastic Ghost Wedding” movie (Scout Pictures)

“Thanks for the latest pieces and I can see a lot of work being put into it.  I can see the craft.  Appreciate it.”
– Meng Ong, Director for “A Fantastic Ghost Wedding” movie

“This is a very nice song, and people will like it in time to come.”
– Gilbert Chan, Director for “Ghost Child” movie

“Your strength is composing good music. Everyone of us agree on this.”
– Cheng Ding An, Director for “Ghost On Air” movie (Merelion Pictures)

“You are very talented, a very rare one. Your music rivals those of hollywood films.”
– Kaz Cai, Director for “Meta Secret” movie

“You guys did a great job – the song sounds really authentic!”
– Nick, Producer for “Dead Mine” movie (Infinite Frameworks)

“Great work! I wow-ed at the first hearing of the music. =)”
– Nicholas Tiang, Managing Director (Neu Media Technologies) for “Calculus Math” Android App

“Ken, you are a genius!”
– Dr Mel Gill, Executive Producer for “Meta Secret” movie (DMG Capital Corporation)

“Great job on the music score, Ken. When the TVC was presented to MCYS Minister, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, I could see his eyes welling up with tears!”
– Late Yasmin Ahmad, renown Malaysian director for “FAMILY” TVC

“…positives in the film are its technical production values, with its rich sound-scape standing out from the crowd…”
– IMDb Review (by Dick Steel) on “Ghost On Air” movie

“…As the film shifts its gear into a heavier focus on dense eerie encounters with influential music by Ken Chong, genre fans should be more than satisfied although blatant scares are restrained to a minimum….”
– InCinemas.sg Review (by Jason Lin) on “Ghost Child” movie



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