We provide original music scoring for your visuals (TV commercials, films, corporate videos etc).

Our cutting edge software technology replaces the need for live musicians recording. The result is:

  • Affordability (50% discount! No loading fee!)
  • Ultra-realistic music composed by our MULTI-AWARD WINNING COMPOSER
  • Instantly-editable music without the need to recall musicians back for re-recording

We also save you time by presenting & delivering our work to you electronically right at your desk.

Click on REEL to check out how real sounding our music can be even without any live recording.

Click on SERVICES to check our price, & CONTACT us now!

Full audio post (voice over & sound design) available with our partner, Muse Pte Ltd. We also provide a 1-stop full audio-visual services from conceptualization to production to post production.

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